Adventure Spotlight: 5 Playset Add-Ons For A Great Play Experience

Accessories add a unique flair to every playhouse that we build. They're not integral to the structure of the playspace; instead, they add elements that encourage learning, add more ways to have fun, and provide personalization. These five add-ons are some of our most popular for kids of all ages.

The Racing Wheel

Mounted inside the playset, this wheel lets kids transport themselves using their imaginations. They can become a racer, driving fast along the road. They can also become the captain of a ship, steering through the ocean. This is a great addition because it combines physical activity and imagination, two important capacities for kids to develop.

The Launch Bar

Positioned directly above a slide, a launch bar helps ensure safe maneuvering and also provides a great push. The bar is designed for safety, featuring an easy to grip construction and an appealing arc design. It is securely bolted into the framework of the outdoor playhouse for kids, ensuring that it can hold the weight of a child using it to launch themselves down the slide.

The Chalkboard

Whether it's pretend school, drawing time, or a place to work on homework, the chalkboard brings an important educational element to an outdoor playhouse. For kids just getting started with school, it will help them adjust to the atmosphere, decreasing the chances of misbehavior and other problems in the classroom.

The Triple Shot Game

A modified version of basketball that's fun for the whole family! Triple shot provides another way to get exercise and get everyone involved with the play. Mounted on the outside wall of the playset, a custom-molded plastic basket has openings coming from three directions. You can shoot the ball into any of them, but you can never be sure where it's going to come out. Your family can use our suggested rules for play, or you can have fun coming up with your own!

The Telescope

Kids can look far into the distance just like a real captain with a retractable telescope. Our telescope is fully retractable and also features a padded eyepiece to help keep kids safe.

This is just a sampling of the accessories available for your Woodplay playset. Explore all of our accessories and contact us to learn how we can combine them for a unique backyard setup!