Choosing Your Playset

Even if you’re shopping for a playset with your child, it can be hard to narrow down your options and select just one. Woodplay outdoor playsets are highly adaptable, which makes us able to fit almost any backyard and make the perfect space for any child. But narrowing it down and selecting just one isn’t always easy. These tips will help you make the best call.

Consider Yard Size

The first thing to think about is the space you have. It’s very possible to fit a playset into a small yard; it just takes a little bit of creativity and it might require that you sacrifice some of the bigger items like slides. But having a bit of space for children to run around is just as important as having a large and expansive playset.

Choose Your Base

Woodplay offers two different kinds of bases: the Outback and Outback XL are designed with an angled base, while the Playhouse and Playhouse XL are square base designs. Both are safe and fun for children, but the square base tends to be a better choice in tight quarters. The expansive angled base, however, allows more room to play underneath the deck. Our Outback models can even have a tire swing underneath their deck!

Select Your Biggest Features

Slides and swings take up a lot of room, so think about them early. Our outdoor playsets have a lot of configuration options. Decide what you want for your child, and we can make it happen.

Add Accessories

Accessories are the final step. From small features inside the playhouse to special swing designs, these are the finishing touches that make your Woodplay playhouse truly one of a kind.