Woodplay’s Swing Set Story Starters Encourage Outside Play

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
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Larry Gajderowicz
Woodplay Swing Sets

Kids can kick off summer with imaginative swing set adventures from sailing the open seas to climbing Mt. Everest

(6-16-09) Raleigh, NC – Woodplay®, the Original Redwood Playset Company, salutes kids and summer by offering its Swing Set Story Starters.  These adventure game tips are perfect for spurring creativity and encouraging outside play.  Over the years kids have played thousands of imaginative games on their Woodplay swing sets, and Woodplay wants to help kids create new fun games that provide more opportunities for outdoor play. This summer is a great time to try some new swing set adventure games.  The National Wildlife Federation’s report, “No Child Left Inside: Reversing Our Children’s Nature Deficit,” prepared by Heather Brandeis, states that kids spend only half the time outside that they did 20 years ago.  This Nature Deficit, as the National Wildlife Federation defines the issue, points to the importance of outdoor play as crucial to children’s healthy development.

Kids can increase their outdoor play time by trying these Swing Set Story Starters for adventurous summer fun:

Pretend your swing set is:

  1. A ship on the open sea
    You and your friends are sailing around the world when a big storm comes along…
  2. The monkey house at the zoo
    You and your monkey friends are swinging around the monkey house when the zoo keeper (Mom or Dad) comes to feed the animals…
  3. Mount Everest
    You and your friends are climbing Mt. Everest and camping on its snowy peaks at night.  Will you make it to the top?
  4. A museum
    The curator of the museum needs a new exhibit and has called you, the artist, to create art to fill the space…
  5. A spaceship…
    You and your friends are about to launch into outer space.  Make sure the doors are latched, and everyone is in position…

Evidence from a national study by Andrea Faber Taylor and Frances E. Kuo of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, published in the American Journal of Public Health, 2004, found that contact with nature helped reduce ADD and ADHD symptoms in a variety of children diagnosed with these disorders. Tom Ellingson, Woodplay’s Product Manager, states that Woodplay swing sets are the springboard for many fun outdoor games: “Kids love to use their imaginations and Woodplay’s swing sets are one way they can enter an imaginative world and have fun outside with friends,” Mr. Ellingson said.  “Parents can encourage imaginative outdoor games and we hope our Story Starters kick off some great family fun this summer,” Mr. Ellingson stated.

The fun starts with selecting and designing a Woodplay playset online.  Kids and their parents can choose from a variety of add-ons and toys to customize their swing sets.  If kids like playing sea captain, they can add a ship’s wheel to their playset.  Tarzan games are fun with rope swings and Mt. Everest climbing games are even more fun with the Alpine Slide that offers unique hand grips to make climbing a snap.  This year kids can take their games to new heights with Woodplay’s Bay Balconies, and the SkyKing, Dakota, and Outback Series allow expansion of the swing set deck to a full 7 ft. high – perfect for those Mt. Everest climbing games.  Woodplay invites families to enjoy swing set adventure games outside this summer.  “Fun Over Time” with Woodplay is as easy as kids inviting friends and family to hop aboard a pretend boat, climb a mountain or pilot a space ship – all from their swing sets in their backyards. 

About Woodplay

Woodplay has manufactured residential redwood swing sets for over 30 years. Woodplay playsets are premium play centers that offer more value than traditional swing sets. Families can enjoy accessorizing their playsets with a variety of swings, additions, roof options, slides, toys and more to make the fun last. Parents have myriad choices when it comes to selecting swing sets and playhouses for their children.  Made from the finest redwood obtained from suppliers who follow sustainable forestry practices, Woodplay swing sets include quality safety features like oversized handles, large safety handrails, safety panels, and rail cushions.  As one of the original wooden playset companies, Woodplay playsets are part of lasting memories that have brought families and friends closer together for years.

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