Turn Playsets into Life-Size Playhouses with Sunrooms & Bonus Rooms

With unique panels and doorway arches, kids can do more with a Playhouse swing set than just swing and slide. Adding panels to the square base or upper deck creates a completely unique outdoor playhouse kids will love to play in. These "rooms" are perfect for games of make-believe, and they make the entire playset safer, too.

Our special panels can be used around the square base or the deck, creating rooms on both levels. Install lower panels around the base to create a cozy Sunroom with plenty of open space above to let in natural light. Sunrooms offer endless creativity-boosting play without separating the base and deck.

Completely enclosing the base of the outdoor playhouse with lower and upper panels creates a Bonus Room, perfect for building imaginations, telling stories, playing school and house, and more. Safer than a treehouse but with all the same kinds of fun, a Bonus Room is one way to make the Playhouse suitable for kids of all ages. And it lets kids play outside even in less-than-ideal weather. Leave a panel space open for access, or add our special doorway arch to complete the look.

You can take it one step further and fully enclose both the top and bottom of the playset to create a completely unique outdoor playhouse. Imaginative kids will love playing in their very own custom castle, life-size dollhouse, school, fort, trading post and more.

These panels do more than turn a Playhouse swing set into a one-of-a-kind outdoor playhouse--they also make the entire structure safer. Panels around the base help stabilize the playset when kids run, jump, slide and swing on it, while panels around the deck prevent slips and falls.

And like all Woodplay playsets, our panels are made of the highest quality redwood and hardware, then put through strict quality checks to ensure the best product. That means no painful splinters or harmful chemicals in any part of our swing sets. And since these panels prevent accidents and falls, you can feel completely confident sending your kids outside to play.

Browse the sunroom and bonus room playhouses below, or find your local showroom to build your own today!