Free Standing Fun Outdoor Play Equipment

With Woodplay’s Freestanding Fun backyard play equipment, your family can have tons of fun even if you don’t have tons of outside space. Great additions for any size yard, these freestanding play sets provide hours of play without the size or cost investment of bigger playsets and swing sets.

Build your custom backyard playground with these exciting Freestanding Fun options:

  • Balance Beam to improve balance and agility
  • Monkey Bars to build hand-eye coordination and upper-body strength
  • Sandbox for constructing sand castles and excavating lost cities
  • See Saw for swinging fun and teamwork

Especially great for toddlers and young kids, Freestanding Fun outdoor play sets foster creativity and provide plenty of options for wholesome exercise. Toddlers love playing on the See Saw with parents and older siblings, and trying to follow them on the Balance Beam. Kids of all ages have a blast on the Monkey Bars as they learn to swing like primates and strengthen their hands, arms and shoulders. The Sandbox caters to imaginative youngsters, who can dig, build, bury and discover to their hearts’ content.

Because these freestanding outdoor play options are so popular with the littlest kids, many parents use one or two to complement a bigger Woodplay playset so everyone has something to play with. While bigger kids climb, swing and slide on an Outback or Playhouse swing set, the littlest kids can still join in the fun with the Sandbox or See Saw.

Plus, Freestanding Fun play equipment is great for older kids and groups, too. Anyone, even adults, can play on the Balance Beam and Monkey Bars to build physical fitness, challenging each other to see who’s the best. The Sandbox and See Saw promote group play and teamwork from very young ages, instilling good sportsmanship in your youngest kids.

Constructed of premium redwood and heavy-duty galvanized hardware, these Freestanding Fun outdoor play items feature the same top-notch quality found in all Woodplay swing sets. And our own above-standard quality checks ensure the safe, long-lasting playsets that we’re known for. That means when you send your kids outside to play with the Freestanding Fun toy in your backyard, you don’t have to worry about painful splinters or harmful chemicals. You get peace of mind, while the kids get hours of enjoyment and exercise.

Ready to make your small backyard a fun place to play? Browse the Freestanding Fun play equipment below, then find your local showroom today!