Balance Beam

Simple outdoor play, yet so much fun

With the Freestanding Fun Balance Beam from Woodplay in your backyard, your kids will feel like they’re on top of the world while improving their balancing skills. Little ones learn good balance early as they watch, copy and follow older siblings on the beam, while bigger kids increase awareness of their bodies and develop greater control over their movements.

Balancing beams also foster teamwork and group play. Older children help younger kids cross the beam and kids of all skill levels challenge each other to walk the whole length without wobbling or slipping. It boosts creativity, too, as kids with superb balance find new ways to play on the beam.

Balance beams and logs have long been a staple of outdoor play and exercise, but they’re good for more than just playtime. Improving balance has plenty of benefits:

  • gives you full control over your body
  • makes it easier to move and hold still
  • increases agility
  • increases strength
  • prevents injury

Gaining these benefits early helps kids build physical fitness, lead more active lives and be able to try any sport or activity they like. Developing good balance on the beam also teaches kids how to overcome obstacles to reach a goal, a skill they’ll use throughout their lives.

And since balance is a "use it or lose it" skill, the Balance Beam is great for adults, too. Constructed of premium redwood and heavy-duty hardware, the Woodplay balancing log is strong enough for players of all sizes, making it ideal for family game nights and exercise competitions.