Free Standing Monkey Bars

With the Freestanding Fun Monkey Bars from Woodplay, your kids can build strength, confidence and imagination all at the same time. While they strengthen their hands, arms and shoulders and swing like primates, you can feel confident letting them climb safely in the comfort of your own backyard, thanks to the above-standard quality we’re known for.

Monkey bars for kids are some of the bests backyard play equipment for promoting physical fitness and activity because they involve the entire body and build both strength and endurance. As kids can hold onto the bars longer and eventually cross the entire set, their confidence grows, helping them work harder at their goals and try new things. And their imaginations and creativity increase their fun and their fitness, whether they pretend they’re monkeys, race each other to the finish, or try new exercises like chin-ups.

Most kids love to climb, and these sturdy stand-alone monkey bars let them climb safely in the comfort of your own backyard. We take pride in making the strongest and safest playsets -- and our Monkey Bars are no exception.  Featuring non-slip, flat, safety rungs with more surface area, the ladder rungs provide sure-footed fun, while the bars are the perfect size for children’s hands to grip.

Like all Woodplay playsets, these monkey bars are constructed of premium redwood and heavy-duty galvanized hardware. Then we put them through rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure sturdy, safe play equipment with no splinters and no chemicals. So while your kids have a blast swinging from bar to bar, the only thing you have to worry about is the occasional fall.

7 feet tall, these freestanding Monkey Bars fit in any size yard and grow with your family. Pair the bars with one of our other Freestanding Fun toys or a custom swing set to build a backyard playground your kids will love. Find your nearest showroom to get started!