Imagination abounds in backyard sandboxes for kids from Woodplay. Perfect for toddlers and tikes, kids’ sandboxes offer endless imagination-building activities, promote group play and are some of the safest outdoor play equipment. A standard feature of many backyards, a high-quality sandbox from Woodplay provides hours of creative play.

Sandboxes are the perfect creative outlet for little kids, fostering imagination and allowing them to build, destroy, discover and get dirty in a completely safe way. Consider the many things your children can do in a kids’ sandbox:

  • excavate lost cities
  • explore a desert
  • discover buried treasure
  • go on a beach vacation at home (just add a swimming pool!)
  • build sand castles, forts, people and more
  • sculpt mountains, valleys and other landscapes
  • draw in the sand
  • dig trenches and holes
  • get dirty in a safe, controlled environment
  • and more!

In addition to encouraging imaginative play, Woodplay sandboxes also promote group play by helping kids learn to play together and teaching them skills they’ll use for life. They’re big enough for a couple kids to play in at once yet small enough to fit in any size yard. With a backyard sandbox, kids learn to:

  • share play space, tools and toys
  • work together
  • respect one another’s creative endeavors
  • be a good sport when things go wrong or emotions are high

Like all Woodplay playsets, our sandboxes are top-of-the-line in safety and quality. We’re known as the world’s safest playset company and the first choice among parents, and we strive to live up to that reputation with above-standard construction and rigorous quality checks. We use hand-selected premium redwood and galvanized long-wearing hardware to build safe, fun sandboxes that will last for years, so all your kids (and even the grandkids) will have an ideal creative outlet right in your backyard. With no painful splinters, harmful chemicals, or occasional falls and bumps to worry about, you can feel confident letting your little ones play in one of the safest outdoor play equipment available.

Give your kids safe, comfortable outdoor play with a sandbox from your local Woodplay showroom today!