See Saw

This is no run-of-the-mill See Saw--it’s an extraordinary teeter totter from Woodplay, the world’s safest playset company and first choice among parents for high-quality backyard play equipment. Especially great for small kids and small yards, see saws provide hours of entertainment in a safe, family-friendly way. When you have a teeter-totter for the whole family in your backyard, everyone can play and grow together.

See-saws have been classic outside toys for ages, in part because they give kids plenty of useful benefits they’ll enjoy throughout their lives. When kids play on a Woodplay teeter-totter, they’re also:

  • building leg strength by pushing off and landing
  • improving balance by going up and down
  • practicing teamwork to get the see-saw going
  • learning timing and how to be in sync

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why seesaws are perfect for toddlers and little kids. By giving young children a fun way to exercise and work together, teeter-totters help them learn to be active early in life and instill habits of good sportsmanship they’ll use with family and friends as they get older.

The best family-friendly backyard play equipment is strong enough for kids of all sizes, and our durable 10-foot See Saw is no exception. Built of premium redwood and heavy-duty galvanized hardware, this teeter-totter allows parents to play with their youngest kids, increasing safety and learning experience for kids and peace of mind for Mom and Dad. With these long-lasting materials and our own exacting standards of quality, your new seesaw will last for years, so all your kids (and even the grandkids) will have safe, fun outdoor playtime.

In addition to being one of the safest outdoor play toys for little kids, Woodplay See-Saws are also small enough to fit in any size yard and take with you if you move. Pair it with other Freestanding Fun items or a Woodplay playset to create a custom backyard playground even your littlest kids will love. Find your local showroom today to get started!