Swing Sets that play all the angles

Up, down and side to side – the Outback and Outback XL series Swing Sets from Woodplay® revolutionized the wooden swing set industry with an angled base design. Now an industry standard option, swing sets with an angled base have two important advantages over square playset bases: more play area and greater stability.

With their wider angled base, Outback and Outback XL wooden swing sets offer more play area, so kids have more room to run, build, and pretend. Plus, the angled base gives you plenty of room for the features you want most:

  • More space under the deck for tire swings, friends and imaginary dungeons.
  • Wider access to the deck lets you add rock walls, cargo chain ladders and more.
  • More places to add slides, swings, gliders and even a hammock.
  • Enough space for picnic tables, sandboxes, dollhouses, forts and more.

The wide angled base of Woodplay’s Outback and Outback XL wooden swing sets also greatly increases their stability, so you can feel good about putting one of these playsets on uneven yards and sloping lawns. Angled-base swing sets don’t rock or wiggle when kids run, jump, climb, swing, and slide on them, and they keep a level deck for safe play.

And with deck heights of 5, 6 or 7 feet and regular or extra large deck sizes, there’s enough room for everyone to play together on the Outback and Outback XL wooden swing sets from Woodplay. Our selection of swing, slides, ladders, climbing walls, balconies and other accessories means you have plenty of options to suit your kids’ style and your space.

The combination of more play area and high stability makes the angled-base Outback and Outback XL playsets ideal for highly active kids and sloping yards. Choose a deck size and height to get started building the perfect wooden swing set for your space and your kids’ style today!