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Outback XL 5’ Swing Set Combination 1

Stretch your imagination and your deck space. The Outback XL 5’ swing sets are a perfect fit for the 10ft. Wave Slide, the 10ft. Super Slideor the 11ft. Alpine Slide(made for sliding and climbing). And this swing sets larger deck space gives you even more room to invite all your friends. Add a Rock Walland you have a great swing set equipment set-up for building strength and stretching the imagination every day.

This wooden swing set comes with: Click an item to change it

  • Front Side, Left Panel
    Yellow 10ft Super Slide
  • Front Side, Left Accessory Arm
    Green Rope Rung Ladder
  • Front Side, Right Accessory Arm
  • Left Side, Full Side
    Green Rung Ladder
  • Right Side, Full Side
    Green Rung Ladder
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Retractable Telescope
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Racing Wheel
  • Under Deck
    3-Chain Rubber Tire Swing
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Signature Hand Grips
  • Available for Add-Ons, Slides, or Swings:
    • Back Side, Left Panel
    • Back Side, Right Panel
    • Back Side, Left Accessory Arm
    • Back Side, Right Accessory Arm
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  • Deck Size:5 x 7
  • Deck Height:5’
  • Playset Length:13' 3"
  • Playset Width:13' 8"
  • Playset Height:12' 3"
View LargerAllow 6’ clearance around playset

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