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Outback 6’ Swing Set Combination 5

This kids outdoor swing set has nearly all the options for high-energy outdoor play. Race down the 12ft. Super Slideor a Hurricane Slide... scramble up the Rope Rung Ladder... "go ape" on the Monkey Climber... or climb to the Skybox. The Outback 6’ kids outdoor swing sets let kids play the way they want, as much as they want.

This wooden swing set comes with: Click an item to change it

  • Front Side, Left Panel
    Yellow 12ft Super Slide
  • Front Side, Left Accessory Arm
    Yellow Rope Rung Ladder
  • Left Side, Full Side
    Step Chain Combo Ladder
  • Right Side, Full Side
    Red/Yellow Rock Wall
  • Under Deck
    Racing Tire Swing
  • Back Side, Full Side
    3 Position Swing Beam
  • Back Side, Swing Beam Position 1
    Red Belt Swing
  • Back Side, Swing Beam Position 2
    Yellow Belt Swing
  • Back Side, Swing Beam Position 3
  • Skybox - On Deck
    Green/Yellow Retractable Telescope
  • On Deck
    Green Ship's Wheel
  • On Deck
    Yellow 10in Safety Handles
  • Front Side, Right Panel
    Monkey Climber
  • Front Side, Right Panel
    Yellow 10in Safety Handles
  • Left Side, Full Side
    Green 62in Safety Handles
  • Front Side, Right Panel
  • Skybox - Front Side, Center Panel
    Yellow Bubble Panel
  • Skybox - Right Side, Left Panel
    Yellow Hurricane Slide
  • On Deck
    Yellow Launch Bar
  • Available for Add-Ons, Slides, or Swings:
    • Front Side, Right Accessory Arm
    • Skybox - Left Side, Left Panel
    • Skybox - Left Side, Right Panel
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  • Deck Size:5 x 5
  • Deck Height:6’
  • Playset Length:26' 0"
  • Playset Width:15' 2"
  • Playset Height:15' 2"
View LargerAllow 6’ clearance around playset

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