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Playhouse XL 6’ Swing Set Combination 2

The Playhouse XL 6’ wood playset/swing set combo has something for everyone. With its extra large deck and taller deck height, this swing set fits kids of all ages and sizes--even Mom and Dad--making it the perfect backyard play equipment for families. And thanks to its sturdy redwood construction, heavy-duty hardware, and above-standard quality, you don’t have to worry about splinters, chemicals or falls from a wobbly playset. While your tallest and littlest kids play happily together, you can feel confident your kids have a safe place to play for years to come.

The Playhouse XL 6’ wood playset comes with our most popular add-ons by default. With these standard accessories, kids can:

  • slide like an otter down the 12-foot Super Slide
  • fly high in the sky on Belt Swings
  • race to the summit of Mount Everest on the Rock Wall
  • flip and swing like an acrobat on the Trapeze bar
  • climb, balance and swing on the Knotted Rope with Disc

This playhouse’s classic square base also comes with our incredibly versatile 6-in-1 convertible Picnic Table, which easily changes from table to sandbox to stage, fort to lemonade stand and back again. While energetic kids can build physical fitness climbing the Rock Wall and swinging on the Trapeze, more imaginative kids can build confidence and creative skills by playing cops and robbers with the fort, digging and building in the sandbox, singing and dancing on stage, and more.

Like all Woodplay wood playsets, the Playhouse XL 6’ swing set can be completely customized to suit your backyard and your kids. Add a Toddler Bucket Swing, on-deck accessories like the Telephone, and extra safety handles so even the littlest kids can join in the fun. Or make things more fun for older kids with a Monkey Climber or Skybox. You can swap accessories or add new ones now or later, so this Playhouse model grows with your family. And with extra room for nine more add-ons, everyone will want to play on your custom swing set.

Design your family’s perfect playhouse today. Click on the Features tab to get started!

This wooden swing set comes with: Click an item to change it

  • Front Side, Right Panel
    Yellow 12ft Super Slide
  • Back Side, Left Panel
    Wooden Step Ladder
  • Back Side, Left Panel
    Green 62in Safety Handles
  • Under Deck
    Convertible Picnic Table
  • On Deck
    Yellow Launch Bar
  • On Deck
    Yellow 10in Safety Handles
  • On Deck
    Yellow 10in Safety Handles
  • Right Side, Full Side
    3 Position Swing Beam
  • Right Side, Swing Beam Position 1
    Green Belt Swing
  • Right Side, Swing Beam Position 2
    Yellow Belt Swing
  • Right Side, Swing Beam Position 3
    Green Knotted Rope with Disc
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Retractable Telescope
  • On Deck
    Green Ship's Wheel
  • Left Side, Left Two Panels
    Red/Yellow Rock Wall
  • Left Side, Right Accessory Arm
  • Available for Add-Ons, Slides, or Swings:
    • Front Side, Left Panel
    • Left Side, Left Panel
    • Left Side, Center Panel
    • Left Side, Right Two Panels
    • Back Side, Right Panel
    • Back Side, Right Accessory Arm
    • Right Side, Center Panel
    • Right Side, Left Two Panels
    • Right Side, Right Two Panels
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  • Deck Size:5 x 7
  • Deck Height:6’
  • Playset Length:20' 0"
  • Playset Width:21' 7"
  • Playset Height:13' 3"
View LargerAllow 6’ clearance around playset

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