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Playhouse XL 6’ Swing Set Combination 4-2

Dash into thrills with the Playhouse XL 6’ outdoor playset. Slide like an otter on a 12ft. Super Slide... Gaze on the earth from your orbiting Swingsor spy high from a Skybox with Bubble... and race to the summit of Mt. Everest on a Rock Wall. Woodplay playsets have something for everyone, with no limit to creative possibilities.

This wooden swing set comes with: Click an item to change it

  • Front Side, Left Panel
    Yellow 12ft Super Slide
  • Front Side, Full Side
    Bay Balcony
  • Front Side, Right Panel
    Monkey Climber
  • Front Side, Right Panel
  • Skybox - Front Side, Center Panel
    Green Bubble Panel
  • Front Side, Corner Support Beam
  • Left Side, Left Panel
    Cozy Curves
  • Left Side, Right Panel
    Cozy Curves
  • Left Side, Center Panel
    Cozy Curves
  • Left Side, Full Side
    4 Position Swing Beam
  • Right Side, Full Side
    Green/Yellow Rock Wall
  • Right Side, Left Panel
    Green Rung Ladder
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Binoculars
  • On Deck
    Green Periscope
  • Left Side, Swing Beam Position 1
    4-Chain Rubber Tire Swing
  • Left Side, Swing Beam Position 2
    Green Belt Swing
  • Left Side, Swing Beam Position 3
    Yellow Belt Swing
  • Left Side, Swing Beam Position 4
  • Left Side, On Trapeze
    Buoy Ball Add-On
  • Available for Add-Ons, Slides, or Swings:
    • Left Side, Left Two Panels
    • Left Side, Right Two Panels
    • Back Side, Left Panel
    • Back Side, Right Panel
    • Back Side, Left Accessory Arm
    • Back Side, Right Accessory Arm
    • Back Side, Full Side
    • Right Side, Center Panel
    • Right Side, Left Two Panels
    • Right Side, Right Two Panels
    • Under Deck
    • Skybox - Right Side, Left Panel
    • Skybox - Right Side, Right Panel
    • Skybox - Left Side, Left Panel
    • Skybox - Left Side, Right Panel
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  • Deck Size:5 x 7
  • Deck Height:6’
  • Playset Length:20' 0"
  • Playset Width:21' 6"
  • Playset Height:15' 5"
View LargerAllow 6’ clearance around playset

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