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Playhouse Double Decker Swing Set Combination 2

It’s fun and games times two with the Playhouse Double Decker children’s swing set from Woodplay! This giant playset combines the 6’ and 7’ Playhouse models with two staggered regular-size decks. With twice as much room for kids to play and lots of customization possibilities, the Playhouse Double Decker swing set offers outdoor play that’s exponentially more fun.

This Playhouse model comes with some of our most popular features for out-of-the-box fun, so kids can:

  • zoom down the super-fast 14-foot Super Slide
  • scale the Grand Canyon (and the high deck) on the Rock Wall
  • climb to the stars (and the low deck) on the Rung Ladder
  • perform at the circus with the Trapeze bar
  • fly high in the two Belt Swings
  • build strength and balance on the Knotted Rope with Disc swing
  • scout the horizon with the retractable Telescope

In addition to these exciting add-ons, the Playhouse Double Decker children’s swing set also comes with our unique convertible Picnic Table, which easily changes from table to stage to sandbox to fort and back again. It’s the perfect accessory for ground-level activities like arts and crafts, lunchtime and reading in the shade. While the slides, swings, and climbers of this giant playset help kids build physical fitness, the convertible Picnic Table builds big imaginations, self-confidence and creative thinking skills.

And like all Woodplay playsets, the Playhouse Double Decker is completely customizable, so it grows with your family and provides years of high-quality fun. Add Toddler Bucket Swings, a Wave Slide and more on-deck accessories like a Ship’s Wheel so even the littlest kids can join in the fun. Then as they get bigger, trade the Bucket Swings for more Belt Swings or a Hammock, or add more challenging climbers. The possibilities are practically endless.

The Double Decker giant children’s swing set is crafted of hand-selected, premium redwood, with triple-joint construction and long-wearing hardware, so you can feel confident your family’s new backyard playground will be safe and last for years.

Customize the perfect giant swing set for your kids today--just click on the Features tab to get started!

This wooden swing set comes with: Click an item to change it

  • Left Side, Left Panel
    Green Rung Ladder
  • High Deck - Front Side, Right Panel
    Yellow 14ft Super Slide
  • Back Side, Right Accessory Arm
  • Left Side, Left Panel
    Green 62in Safety Handles
  • Under Deck
    Convertible Picnic Table
  • High Deck - Right Side, Full Side
    3 Position Swing Beam
  • High Deck - On Deck
    Green Launch Bar
  • High Deck - Right Side, Swing Beam Position 1
    Green Belt Swing
  • High Deck - Right Side, Swing Beam Position 2
    Green Belt Swing
  • High Deck - Right Side, Swing Beam Position 3
    Green Knotted Rope with Disc
  • High Deck - On Deck
    Green/Yellow Retractable Telescope
  • High Deck - Left Side, Full Side
    Green/Yellow Rock Wall
  • Front Side, Full Side
    High Deck
  • Available for Add-Ons, Slides, or Swings:
    • Left Side, Right Panel
    • Left Side, Right Accessory Arm
    • Back Side, Left Panel
    • Right Side, Left Panel
    • Right Side, Right Panel
    • Right Side, Left Accessory Arm
    • Right Side, Right Accessory Arm
    • Right Side, Full Side
    • High Deck - Front Side, Left Panel
    • High Deck - Under Deck
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  • Deck Size:5 x 5
  • Deck Height:6’
  • Playset Length:20' 8"
  • Playset Width:26' 2"
  • Playset Height:14' 3"
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