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Small Yard 74a

Small swing set 74a packs more fun per square foot

It’s concentrated fun in a compact footprint with Space Saver swing sets from Woodplay®. Many yards just aren’t big enough for a regular Outback or Playhouse swing set, but kids still need a safe way to play at home. That’s why we created our new Space Saver series--so kids can still have big fun even in small yards. These small swing sets pack the most fun into the smallest space, letting kids swing, slide and climb without going to the park.

Customize the 74a set now or later as your kids grow.

Small Set 74a is built from the Outback 5’ model with the most popular features in the smallest design, including:

  • 10-foot Wave Slide
  • one Belt Swing and Trapeze
  • Tire Swing
  • Rock Wall
  • Rope Ladder

Browse our nine popular small swing set combinations below or let us build a wooden play set just for you. Find your local showroom to get started!

This wooden swing set comes with: Click an item to change it

  • Front Side, Left Panel
    Yellow 10ft Wave Slide
  • Front Side, Left Accessory Arm
    Yellow Rope Rung Ladder
  • Front Side, Right Accessory Arm
  • Left Side, Full Side
    Step Chain Combo Ladder
  • Left Side, Full Side
    Green 62in Safety Handles
  • Right Side, Full Side
    Green/Yellow Rock Wall
  • Under Deck
    3-Chain Rubber Tire Swing
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Racing Wheel
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Retractable Telescope
  • On Deck
    Green/Yellow Signature Hand Grips
  • Back Side, Left Accessory Arm
    Yellow Belt Swing
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  • Deck Size:5 x 5
  • Deck Height:5’
  • Playset Length:16' 5"
  • Playset Width:11' 4"
  • Playset Height:12' 3"
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Allow 6’ clearance around playset