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Innovative Design Since 1975.

Safety, quality, and fun are built into every one of our swing sets. We call it "Funnovation," and it’s what makes Woodplay the innovative playset design leader.

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Light up your children's worlds with the Spotlight. This spotlight is ultra bright and is easy to operate with the fun hand crank.

Swing Set Bay Balconies

Cozy Curves and Bay Balconies (patent pending) let you create unique contours, roomier decks and exciting add-on combinations.

  • Triple Shot Game
    Triple Shot Game.

    Three times the fun for kids and families. Play the Triple Shot Game by the rules provided or create your own game. Includes 3-way goal and 3 inflatable balls.

  • Playset Megaphone

    Calling all kids who love to have fun. Rugged megaphone accessory lets children be heard throughout Woodplay. No batteries needed—just your boisterous outside voice.