The Strengths Of Redwood

The Strengths Of Redwood

Redwood, Naturally

What makes redwood ideal for outdoor swing sets? As one of the fastest-growing timber species in the world, sustainable, strong, stable, redwood is resistant to insects and decay, requiring no dangerous chemical preservatives (unlike wood species that undergo pressure treating to artificially extend product life).

  • Redwood has dimensional stability. According to the Forest Products Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, redwood has less volumetric and tangential shrinkage. This means redwood stays flat and straight with minimal warping, cupping (the edges of the woods are high and its center is low) or checking (cracking).
  • Redwood trees get their reddish-brown bark and heartwood from high levels of tannin. Tannin is harmless to humans and animals yet toxic to fungi.
  • Redwood tannin and other natural chemicals help protect the wood from fungal disease, insects, and deterioration – even after harvesting and milling.
  • Redwood is naturally immune to insects.
  • Redwood’s strength and durability make our playset structures safe for heavy-duty use and kids of all sizes – including Dad.
  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends natural wood, like redwood, for outdoor playsets.
  • Our redwood requires no dangerous chemical preservatives – unlike wood species that are pressure treated to artificially extend product life because redwood is naturally resistant to decay.

Your Woodplay playset will be enjoyed for years to come, and so will the beauty of the redwood forest.

Redwood: Strongest for the Longest

The exceptional strength of redwood makes Woodplay structures safe for heavy-duty use and kids of all sizes (even Dad). And as your family grows, or your kids grow in size, or you simply want the size of your playset to grow, you can be strongly confident that your Woodplay playset will be structurally sound to accommodate all the extra fun. From 1975 through years to come, Woodplay is absolutely here to stay.