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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between Outback and Playhouse?

    Kids are wild about the wide open fun of the ANGLED-BASE Outback swing sets. With the most room "down under" the deck, Outback is a natural choice for the energetic play kids love to uncork. Add a Tire Swing, Rock Wall and Chain Ladder for even more action.

    The Playhouse playsets are a SQUARE-BASED foundation for boundless imagination. Play-enhancing accessories fit perfectly beneath the classic Playhouse base. These include a built-in sandbox, or a full-size convertible picnic table which doubles as a sandbox cover. The Playhouse stays in your yard, but the creativity it inspires takes children as far as their dreams can carry them.

  2. What does 5' , 6' , or 7' mean?

    It's how we measure fun! Woodplay gives you 3 deck height choices&endash;5' , 6' , and 7'.

  3. What is the difference between Regular and XL?

    Great times come in 2 deck sizes. The size of a Regular deck is 5' x 5' . The XL measures 5' x 7'.

  4. What is a "Combo"?

    Woodplay makes it easy for you to find and design the playset just for you. In either type base you are looking at for a playset (Angled or Square), a Combo is one of 5 basic combinations of swing set components. Pick a Combo to get you in the ballpark of where you want to go. Change it up by selecting the deck height and size. Totally make it your own by adding options, including add-ons, slides, swings, and accessories. If you can dream it, Woodplay can do it.

  5. How to get a price on a playset?

    It's easy: on the Woodplay Home Page, or anywhere on the site, click on "Request a Price". Then select "Find A Showroom Near You". Your local, experienced Woodplay dealer will respond personally. Throughout the site, you will see the opportunity to create your "ideas list" of the items you are curious about. You can send this list to the dealer when you request a price -- or simply ask the dealer to contact you.

    Of course, you can always locate a Woodplay dealer by calling Customer Service:
    1-800-WOODPLAY (1-800-966-3752).

  6. How to design my own playset?

    With Woodplay, you"ll never run out of fun--the ways to create your own design concept are virtually endless. We're all about choices, choices, and boisterous outdoor voices! Woodplay provides the fundamentals of Angled or Square Base, and some Basic Combinations (Combos). You choose the shape, the size, the roof options, and more&endash;then decide if you want other exclusives, like Swingier Swings made possible by our taller beams, the Rock Wall that kids say "rocks", or the Chain Ladder that's tops in safety&endash;go ahead, let your creativity flow, then watch the good times roll.

  7. Can I change the options shown in the Combo pictures in the catalog and online?

    Absolutely, feel free to "color outside the lines" when creating a Combo that's uniquely yours. Choose a different roof and change or add options&endash;including the swings, slides, add-ons and accessories. Share your ideas with your Woodplay dealer and together you"ll achieve the configuration that best reflects your concept of fun.

  8. Why is redwood the best wood for a playset?

    Woodplay constructs its playsets almost exclusively (approximately 95 percent) from sustainable redwood. What makes this beautiful wood best for outdoor playsets? It is strong, dimensionally stable, and resistant to both insects and deterioration.

    We also use this sustainable wood species because it grows quickly, making it highly renewable.

  9. Is redwood sustainable?

    Woodplay is "Red and Green". From the redwood forest to your backyard, Woodplay makes environmentally sound choices a priority. As one of the fastest-growing timber species in the world, naturally beautiful redwood is resistant to insects and decay, requiring no dangerous chemical preservatives (unlike wood species that undergo pressure treating to artificially extend product life).

    Your Woodplay playset will be enjoyed for years to come, and so will the beauty of the redwood forest.

  10. How do I know my kids will use the playset?

    We know from experience that your kids and your playset won"t just sit there. At Woodplay, we're parents, too, and we understand that with today's electronic distractions, kids need a little motivation to get off the couch and into the fresh air. That's why we offer designs and FunnovationsTM that invite kids to stretch their bodies and imaginations.

  11. What is the "No Kidding" Guarantee?

    We're serious when we say Woodplay offers the best warranty in the playset industry. See full details on our 5-Year Warranty, and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  12. Is Woodplay the Original Redwood Playset Company?

    Absolutely! Since 1975, Woodplay has grown in popularity as "The Original Redwood Playset Company" when two young-at-heart start-ups introduced Woodplay--residential playsets made exclusively from redwood. Before, families were limited to swing sets made mostly from metal alloys. Woodplay is the company that changed it all – and it remains the leader in swing set safety and innovative design. High quality, excellent value, durable good looks, adaptability, and Funnovations make Woodplay the preferred choice of families across the U.S.

  13. Why is Woodplay the safest playset?

    For your family's well-being, we adhere to proven standards for safety in the design of every playset--from head to toe, we put safety first. For instance, our ladder rungs are the safest. Non-slip flat steel safety rungs provide more surface area for sure-footed fun and are easy for little hands to grip. Non-skid coating enhances safety when rain or dew are present. Attention to every detail makes Woodplay proud to serve on the board of ASTM International, the American Society of Testing and Materials--a leading standards organization whose guidelines for product materials and testing are recognized globally as an assurance of quality and safety. In this capacity, Woodplay brings leadership to the playset industry that benefits all consumers.

  14. How to find a Woodplay Showroom?

    It's easy. Go to Find a Showroom Near You to locate you local Woodplay Dealer, or call Customer Service: 1-800-WOODPLAY (1-800-966-3752).

  15. How to get my Woodplay Playset installed?

    Every Woodplay dealer is a trusted expert in all areas of our extensive product line--including the design, installation, and service required by our exacting standards. You can confidently make arrangements with your dealer for quality installation.

  16. How involved is the maintenance?

    Redwood makes our playsets the most naturally durable and beautiful swing sets available. Because all outdoor wood products require protection, Woodplay applies a specially formulated penetrating, non-toxic stain sealant in our factory to enhance and protect your swing set investment.

    To clean plastic and vinyl swing set components, simply use warm, soapy water.

    We do recommend periodic inspections and tightening of your playset. Your Woodplay dealer can give you more information about products and services to help maintain your playset.