The best swing sets, playsets and playhouses on the block

Make anything possible with a Woodplay Playset.

If your child can imagine it, wooden swingsets and playsets from Woodplay can make it real. Swings and monkey bars become amazing circus shows, rock climbing walls and rope ladders transform into Mount Everest, slides and sandboxes turn into beaches and submarines. Woodplay outdoor wooden swing sets and playsets offer limitless possibilities for imagining, storytelling, games, exercise, and just plain fun.

With so many opportunities for creative and active play and laughter, Woodplay means you’ve got the best swingset on the block.

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Playsets kids love

A good jungle gym is more than a place for kids to play after school. Wooden playsets and swing sets provide physical and mental development, learning and laughter. While your kids and their neighborhood friends swing, slide, climb, build, race, and pretend with a wooden playhouse, they’ll also:

  • enjoy fresh air and sunshine
  • stretch their imaginations
  • develop strong creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • build physical fitness and endurance
  • learn to share and compete with good sportsmanship
  • build self-confidence

Your kids will love a new Woodplay outdoor swingset and all the possibilities for imaginative and active play it offers. Whether your little princess rules her imaginary kingdom from a swing set castle or your budding athlete hosts elementary-school Olympics with a fully loaded playset, Woodplay satisfies every child’s need for quality playtime.

Swingsets parents approve

The best outdoor playsets and swing sets can handle anything your kids dream up. With Woodplay playhouses,  you don’t have to worry about what your kids might try next. All our outdoor play equipment is crafted of hand-selected, premium redwood, with triple-joint construction and long-wearing hardware. Woodplay playsets also meet the requirements of ASTM International, a globally-recognized standards organization, plus our own exacting standards of quality and safety.

That means Woodplay swing sets are safe for heavy-duty use and kids of all sizes -- even Mom and Dad, making it easy for adults and children to play, exercise, imagine, and stargaze together.

In fact, we’re known as the world’s safest playset company. Many safety and stability features we originally innovated have since become industry standards. We choose the best redwood logs and craft them to perfection, so you get a backyard playset that’s free of splinters and toxic chemicals, and easy to maintain. Plus, redwood naturally repels insects and fungi and resists cracking and warping, so your Woodplay wooden swingset will remain strong and stable for years to come, even as your kids grow.

With such great safety features and value, it’s no wonder Woodplay is the first choice among parents for quality backyard play equipment.

The perfect playsets for every family, yard, and budget

Woodplay lets parents put their own imaginations to work to create the ideal outdoor playhouse for their kids and yard space. We offer both angled-base and square-base playsets of all sizes to fit every kind of play area. Our extensive selection of slides, swings, forts, sandboxes, balconies, climbing walls and ladders, and other accessories and add-ons lets you create virtually unlimited unique combinations to satisfy your kids’ imaginations and activity levels. And all those choices put you in complete control of how much you spend on a new wooden swingset.

Once you’ve customized a playhouse your kids will love, your local Woodplay expert can help you build and install the backyard playground of your kids’ dreams. Play around with our one-of-a-kind Playset Configurator to design the perfect playset for your family today!