Customize the ideal backyard playground with fun swing set accessories!

These options, accessories and add-ons are the extras that complete your children’s playset, making it more fun for their preferred play styles. Give your kids a truly unique childhood playtime experience by choosing the fun swing set accessories they’ll love most. With four types of swing set additions to choose from, you have endless ways to make your new Outback or Playhouse swing set a one-of-a-kind backyard playset.

Accessories are all the fun extras that boost imaginations and creative play, such as a Ship’s Wheel, School Bell, Binoculars and custom signs. They go on the deck of the swing set and make your kids’ favorite games of make-believe much more real. Many are also related, so you can add the School Bell, Chalkboard and Crayon Caddy for kids who love to play school. Or add several unrelated accessories to give every child something creative to play with and boost imaginations even more.

Slides of different types and lengths provide thrilling fun. We offer classics like the super-fast Super Slide and gentle Wave Slide, as well as modern versions of classics like the corkscrew-shaped Hurricane Slide. Kids also love Woodplay originals like the Alpine Slide, featuring special handles so kids can zoom down and then climb right back up. Trade the default slide included with a particular swing set model for one your kids will like better, or add a second slide to double the fun.

Swings make our swing sets stand out from the competition. We offer a variety of swings for every age and skill level, including standard Belt Swings, Toddler Bucket Swings, Hammocks and Trapeze bars. Swings are also the easiest accessory to switch out, so you can get bucket swings while your kids are little and trade them in a few years when your kids don’t need them anymore.

Add-ons are the unique swing set accessories that make a playset extra special, such as Fire Poles, Bubble Panels, Bay Balconies, Rock Walls, Convertible Picnic Tables and more. Add-ons make the swing set unique and lots more fun than swings and slides alone. They also help you customize the playhouse to fit your kids’ skill levels, so everyone will love to play.