Over 65 unique swing sets with endless configurations.

Start Designing Your Own Swing Set

Before you dive into customizing a swing set, some information is necessary at the outset to help you make good design choices. Use this checklist to make sure the playset you choose is a good fit for your family.

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  • How many children (including friends, neighbors and relatives) will use the playset at once?
    If you anticipate several children playing at once, plan on a bigger playset. Taller and extra large decks provide more room, as do our Skybox, Bay Balcony and Lookout Tower add-ons. If you have a big enough yard, our Mega Sets combine two or three swing sets and offer plenty of play space for the entire neighborhood.
  • What’s your budget?
    You can start with a smaller swing set for now to suit a smaller budget. You can always add onto any Woodplay swing set later when you can afford it and your kids need bigger swings or more room to play. If you need a bigger set now to accommodate your family, we can help you create the custom playset that will fit your needs and your budget.
  • What are the ages of the children who will use it?
    We have playsets, accessories and add-ons for kids of all ages. For young kids, choose a smaller 5-foot base that’s easier for them to climb onto. Then customize with Toddler Bucket Swings, Step Ladders, fun accessories and extra safety bars and grips. For older kids, start with a taller 6-foot or 7-foot playset and add more challenging add-ons, such as our popular Rock Wall or Fire Pole. If your custom swing set will serve kids in a range of ages, or you want to make sure it will grow easily with your family, start with a bigger playset and choose several add-ons to appeal to everyone.
  • What size is the area where you want to put a swing set, and what is its shape?
    The more area you have, the bigger a playset you can put there. The shape of the area can also impact the placement of slides and swing beams; for smaller or oddly shaped areas, choose one of our Space Saver swing sets, or one with swings on the accessory arms instead of a swing beam. You can also replace straight slides with a 90-degree Tube Slide so the playset can fit in a corner.
  • What kind of play does your child enjoy? Physical and high-energy? Imaginative and creative? Both?
    Knowing your children’s preferred play styles helps you determine the best add-ons to build a custom swing set they’re sure to love. High-energy kids often like our Rock Walls, Trapeze swings and Monkey Climbers. Imaginative kids have a blast with a variety of swings, slides, on-deck accessories and our unique Cozy Curves and Bay Balcony rails.
  • How level is the ground where you plan to put the swing set?
    Outback playsets feature an adjustable A-frame that can compensate for uneven or sloping ground, maintaining a level deck on any type of yard.
  • How to Design Your Own Swing Set
    Now that you have the important preliminary information about what you need in a custom swing set, you’re ready to design your own. Follow these easy steps to get started!
"It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!"

Choose a Base Style & Roof.

Our traditional post-and-beam construction accommodates popular accessories beneath the base, including a built-in sandbox or a full-size 6-in-1 convertible picnic table. The classic square base makes this series easy to enclose with panels or join with additional swing sets.

Wide-angle bases create roomier play spaces beneath the playset for more active play. The adjustable A-frame also adds flexibility for ladders and other climbing options, as well as increases stability for use in sloping or uneven yards.

Choose from 7 options – green vinyl, red vinyl, blue vinyl, green & yellow vinyl, red & yellow vinyl, blue & yellow vinyl or solid redwood to match the rest of the playset.

Playhouse Series
Outback Series
  • Green tarp
  • Blue tarp
  • Red & Yellow tarp
  • Red tarp
  • Green & Yellow tarp
  • Blue & Yellow tarp
  • Wooden roof

Choose a Deck Size & Combination.

Choose from 3 different deck heights: 5’ , 6’ , and 7’. Then choose from 2 different deck sizes: Regular (5’ x 5’) and XL (5’ x 7’). Then choose one of the popular add-on combinations below – or create your own. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

  • Combo 1 - Base Playset with Slide
    Combo 1
    Base Playset with Slide
  • Combo 2 - Add a Swing Beam
    Combo 2
    Add a Swing Beam
  • Combo 3 - Add a Monkey Climber
    Combo 3
    Add a Monkey Climber
  • Combo 4 - Add a Skybox
    Combo 4
    Add a Skybox
  • Combo 5 - Add a Hurricane Slide
    Combo 5
    Add a Hurricane Slide

Choose Your Options and Make It Your Own!

Add the features you want to create the ideal playset for your family. Customize slides, swings, add-ons and accessories to suit your play space, budget, and kids’ play styles. We have over 50 options to choose from, so you can make a completely unique swing set and update it anytime you want.

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