Dress up your swing set with Cozy Curves and Bay Balconies

There’s nothing "wrong" with "right angles"...

But the new Bay Balcony and Cozy Curves options (patent pending) from Woodplay let you add interesting new angles and contours to your Playhouse swing set to create the most unique playset in the neighborhood. Instead of a standard straight-sided deck, your kids can have fanciful, whimsical decks with curving rails and balconies, perfect for imaginary castles and palaces, princesses and knights in shining armor.

Add a graceful touch to any Playhouse swing set with Cozy Curves. These contoured deck panels add charm and character to your children’s playset, boosting imagination and creative play. These curved rails quickly become castle turrets and miniature "rooms" for kids with big imaginations. They also add aesthetic appeal, so the Playhouse is tons of fun and a pretty addition to your backyard.

Increase the deck space of your kids’ playhouse swing set with a beautiful Bay Balcony. These elegant arcs extend the deck by an extra foot and seem made for picture-perfect moments. And because they span the space of two deck panels, they allow exciting add-on combinations. Put an Alpine Slide in the balcony so the princess can slide down to meet the prince or the knight can climb up to save her. Add a Ship’s Wheel to turn the Bay Balcony into the bow of a pirate ship, or a Periscope to make it a submarine on a journey to explore the ocean. With so many add-ons, the possibilities are endless.

As the world’s safest playset company, Woodplay is committed to using the best materials and ensuring the highest quality. That’s why we use premium redwood and heavy-duty hardware for all our products, including Cozy Curves and Bay Balconies, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting painful splinters or harmful chemicals.

Give your kids’ imaginations a boost with Cozy Curves and Bay Balconies on their new Playhouse swing set. Customize the perfect playhouse today!